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Have a look at just some of the gaming platforms available at the club.


Yes we have craft beers and yes we now have craft beer on tap too. Have look what’s popping on tap and in the cooler this month.


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How to become a member and FAQ

  1. Respect the locals and neighbours both inside and outside of the venue, be silent when arriving and leaving.
  2. No tolerance policy towards aggressive/anti-social behaviour and violence.
  3. No illegal activities or software.
  4. No drinks to be placed near the technology or on the machines/games.
  5. Damage to anything must be paid for.
  6. Inebriated members will be asked to leave.
  7. Keep the venue tidy, recycle empties and dispose of rubbish. Report all spills immediately. No food in the bins.
  8. Respect the authority of the Club Council and the Club Secretary.
  9. Nominated members must wait 2 days to be allowed membership/member privileges or use of the club bar.
  10. Alcohol is not supplied, or intended to be supplied, to members on the premises otherwise than by or on behalf of the club.
  11. No club member may benefit or profit from the sale of alcohol. All club profit and gains are to be reinvested.
  12. The purchase and supply of alcohol is to be managed by the club secretary and the club committee.

The Club is structured very simply. The Club Secretary maintains all responsibilities. All members are equal. The ‘Council of Justice’ will be selected from early/dedicated members with a penchant for delivering justice. The Council will be subject to periodic reshuffles to ensure Justice prevails over corruption.

There will be a limited number of memberships as to not overpopulate the premises. This number will be judged by the Secretary depending on attendance rates. Applicants must wait 2 days after application to receive full membership.

The Standard club membership currently requires a quarterly payment of £15 or an annual payment of £45. A daily rate of £4 is also available upon request for special cases.

These membership fees will be paid on first attending the club in said quarter unless requested.

Generally Daily attendance subs will be free but some club events will require a small entry fee.

If a member does not pay 2 consecutive quarterly payments their membership may be terminated.


OR use the form at the bottom of this page.

Members are allowed to bring 2 guests to the venue at one time, but must give notice 48 hrs prior and sign responsibility for the guests. Guests are not allowed to use the Club Bar due to licensing restrictions.

Guest entry will be charged from £4/day

The premises will operate a bar for the club members during all standard hours of operation. A selection of beers, ales, ciders and cocktails will be available. The selection will be based on the advisement of members and the availability at wholesalers.

  • The ethos of the club is centred around gaming. Drinking at a level which will detriment the quality of play will be frowned upon.
  • No Alcohol is to be taken off the premises.
  • All bar sales go towards the upkeep of the venue.
  • Alcohol purchased elsewhere is not allowed to be consumed in the venue in the licensed hours.


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A taste of the gaming possiblities available at Advanced Retreat…

There’s a lot and it’s an ever expanding arsenal of boxes, new and old.

Atari 2600, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft XBOX, Microsoft X360, Sony Playstation/PS2/PS3/PS4 + Lots more!!

Roomscale VR with multiple HTC Vive systems in a large open space

Driving/Flight Simulator seat & projector (also VR capable with HTC vive)

Lots of arcade cabinets running a Neo-Geo MVS, Tekken 3, Daytona USA, Street Fighter EX2 plus, Street Fighter Zero + Aimtrak lightguns, Multi-jamma boards with all the arcade classics.


LAN PCs read and setup for all your Fortnite/PUGB/overwatch/dota2/quake 3/No Man’s Sky/minecraft/etc needs

We have an extensive collection of table top and card based games including…


Teleport around boundless virtual worlds sitting at your desk, or create a dedicated room-scale play area where you can physically walk around. SteamVR™ Tracking provides the best experience possible, so play the way that works for you – seated, standing or room-scale.

Now Pouring

We operate a top quality members bar offering a selection of finest beers, ciders, cocktails and spirits at special club prices.Also there are all your favourite bar snacks and nostalgic food of your childhood. 😀 (Monster Munch, Space Raiders, Curly Wurly, etc.. ) Beers from breweries including: Arbor, Brewdog, Tiny Rebel, Left Handed Giant , Moor, Wiper + True and many more…
Now on Tap: LHG 100% Entertainment IPA,  LHG Mothership


from satisfied customers

Wish I could get here more often. It's the ultimate in gaming and nostalgia! Great bar selection too!

Paul Allen

I don't get to go here enough! As a tentative gamer I thought I'd try it out and ended up having loads of fun. I've been able to try so many different types of games since I bought a membership. The people are always friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Really nice selection of drinks, too 🙂

Lucy Wallace

Great little spot to come hang out, play Street Fighter and drink one (or many) of the Gins going on any given day!

Ryan Manktelow

For all your retro / future gaming needs…. plus good stocks / prices on booze & nibbles.

Burty Bakarak

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